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Angel Resize Pictures Plus Portable

A utility that helps anyone change their images to different sizes, file types in batch mode. Add watermarking for copyright protection and renaming, optimizing or conversion for processed file. Today's digital cameras shoot large-sized images. This is great for making prints, but it is a bad thing when you're sharing images. You don't want to bog down someone's e-mail, for instance, with oversized files. Plus, many e-mail programs won't send or receive large files. If you are posting the images to the Web, it will take too long to load and look weird in its original size.
Если вы ищете эргономичную утилиту, позволяющую изменять размеры, переименовывать и сортировать графические файлы, то обратите внимание на Resize Pictures Plus. Ко всему прочему программа легко поставит на картинки водяные знаки и оптимизирует фотографии для дальнейшей публикации в блоге, на форуме или для пересылки по электронной почте. Приложение поддерживает более 40 графических форматов и позволяет сохранять изображения в семи самых популярных из них.

Resize Pictures Plus graphics suite is an easy to use program that resize, watermark, rename and optimizes pictures and images to make them more suitable for email or publishing on blog and forum.

Key Features:
Select an process pictures in batch mode.
Allows you to force a specified width or height and keep the proportions, or define fixed picture dimensions.
View, add and remove pictures in a list with sorting features.
Add watermark and rename your pictures at once.
After processed, the Jpg EXIF and Tiff Tags can not been lost.
Keep file creating date time.
Direct contrast between original picture and processed picture on the same screen.
Provides 40+ graphics formats and saving into 7 most popular formats.
Saving into true color, 256 colors or gray scale.
You can drag any picture files from Windows explorer and drop them on the list of picture.
Automatically save your latest settings on exit.
Modify picture in built-in editor.

Update: Jul 04, 2009
Supported Platforms:
Languages: English
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Size: v2.47 Мb

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