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Panda SafeCD Multilang

This useful utility comes in handy when you need to clean a friend's PC (or your own) from a malware infested state. It is specially useful for detecting and disinfecting malware infections which give regular AV products running within Windows a hard time.
Automatic detection and removal of all types of malware.
Полезная утилита от Pandaresearch, которая предназначена для очистки компьютеров от всех видов вирусов. Может загружатся как с CD так и с флэш дисков. После запуска программа ищет на жестком диске установленный антивирус Panda и если файл антивирусных сигнатур в папке Panda на жестком диске более новый чем на CD, то использует его, а если нет то использует файл антивирусных сигнатур с CD диска.

Boot from CD or USB stick.
Supports using updated signature files.
Supports 13 languages.
Supports both FAT and NTFS drives.

The download consists of an ISO. You can either burn this into a CD/DVD or alternatively create a more convenient Boot USB stick by using something like the Universal Netboot Installer (UNetbootin).

In order to use a more updated signature database, the Panda SafeCD searches the registry for installed Panda applications that use the regular pav.sig file signature format. If you want Panda SafeCD to use a more updated signature file simply make sure there is an installed Panda product (normally in C:\Program Files\Panda Security) with an updated pav.sig file. If the Panda SafeCD finds a more recent pav.sig than the one included in the ISO, it will use the more updated one.

For a more recently updated signature database file download pav.sig from this blog. Remember this signature file is for tests only and updated on a "whenever-I-feel-like-it" basis, so it should not be used for production systems. For critical situations and to disinfect production systems use our regular signature file which gets updated at least once a day.

Update: Jul 29, 2009
Supported Platforms: Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / XP X64 / Vista64 / 7
Multilingual user interface (English, Russian, etc)
Licence: Freeware
Developer: Panda Security
Size: 130.3 Mb

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Boot from CD or USB stick.

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