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Main » 2009 » Сентябрь » 9 » Portable PicturesToExe Deluxe 5.6(Multilingual)
Portable PicturesToExe Deluxe 5.6(Multilingual)

Windows Sofware, doesn't work in Win7|Portable PicturesToExe Deluxe 5.6(Multilingual)
It's packaged in VMwTA Program is registered|rar|7.38 MB

Программа для создания слайд-шоу из цифровых фотографий. Утилита производит автономный файл (EXE) презентации, удобный для отправки по e-mail или записи на CD диск.

Используя PicturesToExe вы сможете легко и быстро создать фотоальбом или скринсейвер из ваших фотографий. Программа произведет автономный .exe файл презентации, удобный для отправки по e-mail или записывания на диск. К каждому слайду можно добавить текстовый и звуковой комментарий (wav, mp3, wma), а также фоновую музыку (mp3, wma, wav, midi) для всей презентации. Кроме того, PicturesToExe содержит опцию для синхронизации продолжительности показа слайдов ко времени проигрывания музыки. Программа имеет богатую палитру всевозможных настроек, чтобы помочь вам создать неповторимую презентацию! Также PicturesToExe включает эксклюзивные кинематографические эффекты перехода между слайдами.
Русский язык поддерживаеться.

System Requirements

PC with CPU 1.4 GHz, 384 MB of system memory, video card with 128 MB of video memory, sound card.
Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003. DirectX 9 or newer.
DVD-RW drive for burning of DVD-Video discs.

What's New in PicturesToExe Deluxe 5.6

Key features:

Export of HD Video
Now you can create high quality HD video file (H.264) for playback on PC and Mac in addition to EXE-files and AVI-files.

Publishing on YouTube and Vimeo
You can also publish and give opportunity to the other users of YouTube and Vimeo to watch your slideshows on these web sites. Just export created slideshows on your account and enjoy your work.

Video output for iPhone and iPod
You have an opportunity to export videos with your slideshows on iPhone and iPod and to show them to your friends too.

New Transition Effects in 3D
Use new Flip 3D, Swap 3D, Curling of page 3D transition effects for more animated and vivid slideshows.

Mask Effect
Use Mask effect to put one image on the other for achievement of special mask effects in animation of your slideshow.

"Run Slideshow with Return" command
If you want after the end of one slideshow to see the other slideshow or application, then use the option Run Slideshow with Return in the Project Options, More Tab. This option gives you an opportunity to go to the next slideshow or application automatically.

Color outside Slide Area
Now you can choose the color of strips, which you see around the slide if you run the widescreen slideshow (16:9) on 4:3 display.

Full list of new features, changes and bug-fixes:

+ Added export of slideshow as a video. (See Main menu -> Create)
- Export of HD video for playback on PC, Mac.
- Export of video for iPhone/iPod.
- Publish online on Youtube.
- Publish online on Vimeo with HD quality.
+ New 3D transition effects between slides:
- Added "Flip 3D" effect.
- Added "Swap 3D" effect.
- Reworked "Curling of page 3D" effect. Set large radius parameter to get completely new effects.
+ Improvements in Objects and Animation window:
- Mask objects for creating of special effects. You can apply several Masks to one image object.
- Music and sounds when you click "Play" button for preview.
- Added "Anti-shimmering (mipmapping)" option for Image and Text objects. This option prevents appearing of shimmering when object has zoom from small size to large size.
- Improved view of "Action on mouse click" list.
- Added new action "Run slideshow".
- Added "Pause" button.
! "Original size" mode of objects has been replaced. Now use "Fixed size of slide (in pixels)" mode in Project options | Screen tab. And "Size/position in pixels" button in Common tab of object properties.
+ Added "Virtual size of slide" parameters as alternate way to set aspect ratio of slide (Project options | Screen tab). It helps in work with "Size/Position" tool window in "Object and animation" editor.
+ Added new commands "Run Slideshow" and "Run Slideshow with Return" to Project options | "More" tab and as an action for objects. This option highly recommended if you want to start another slideshow from current one and for building of menu. It will guarantee flawless start of next slideshow from current one. In fact a series of slideshows will work as one large slideshow that provides optimal memory usage.
+ Added "Color outside slide area" option (Project options | Screen tab). By default if you run widescreen slideshow (16:9) on 4:3 display you see black strips around the slide. Now you can choose this color.
+ Added menu on Create button.
+ Faster rewinding of slides in created EXE file and preview.
+ Added "Crypt images/music against extracting from EXE file" option. See Main menu | View | Advanced options. (Enabled by default).
+ Improved installer of PicturesToExe, multi-lingual interface.
+ Fully rewritten shadow for objects. Now it has correct view for a long text object. And better visual quality.
+ Changed caption of "Change Image File" button in the main window.
+ Added a new command line for a slideshow in windowed mode: -desktopalign (for example: "Show1.exe -desktopalign"). With this parameter if size of a window larger than main display it will not be reduced to fit the main display. This command useful if you wish to place a window on all space of two or more displays.
+ Improved view of keypoints on the timeline in the main window.
+ Improved scrolling of the timeline when you move blue triangle cursor outside visible area.
+ After switching between Slides list and Timeline modes the program adjusts scrollbar position to make visible selected slide.
+ Various improvements.
! "Run application" options has moved to the last page of Project options (More tab).
! "Disable F1 key to show help window" has moved to "Customize help window" dialog (Main menu | Project).
* Fixed old bug (since v5.5) when after renaming of a main image in Slide list or File panel MiniPlayer didn't display renamed image.
* Fixed old bug (since v5.1) when changing of display resolution, locking of PC or Sleep mode applied during encoding of video caused visual defects in created video file.
* Fixed old bug (since v5.5) when all color text objects (excluding black and white) had slight almost invisible greenish contour.
* Fixed old bug of all previous versions: pressing Ctrl+O (Open project), "Ctrl+N", "Ctrl+S" and other key shortcuts whilst PicturesToExe creates large EXE file it caused incorrect work of the program.
* Fixed old bug (since v5.5) when "Image Load Error" might occur in Slide list, MiniPlayer and Objects and animation editor on projects with hundreds slides of large images (about 8 megapixels each one).
* Fixed old bug (since v5.0) Push effect had mixed up "Bottom-Top" and "Top-Bottom" variations with disabled hardware acceleration option.
* Fixed old bug (since v5.0) with an incorrect work of "Save image/slide" dialog in slideshows (if it was configured through "Print image" option).
* Fixed old bug (since v5.5) with sticking of picture in MiniPlayer after closing Objects and Animation editor on some NVIDIA video cards (the most likely the problem in those video cards).

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