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JAlbum 8.4.1 ML Portable

JAlbum is a program that helps you make from your digital photos HTML albums. Its creators say it is most severe, but also one of the most powerful in the industry. It takes your pictures, a few clicks of the mouse and your album is ready - in the HTML version you can publish on the Internet. Sample albums by the program, you can see here.With the proliferation of digital cameras, each day there are more users who forget to disclose reels and work with their photos directly on your computer.
Обновилась простая в использовании программа для создания веб-галерей. С помощью JAlbum можно быстро и просто, даже не имея никакого опыта, создать красивую веб-галерею из любых изображений, хранящихся на компьютере. JAlbum имеет гибкие настройки для изменения внешнего вида альбомов, которые создаются на основе встроенных скинов (шаблонов), что позволяет программе максимально разнообразить оформление веб-галерей. Тут присутствует возможность добавления к картинкам логотипов, "водяных знаков", комментариев и информации из EXIF-метаданных изображений, полученных с цифровых фотоаппаратов.

The problem comes when it comes to ordering these images or teach a friend, role that until now the traditional photo album.

User interface
-Explorer-like user interface. The order of the buttons left side reflect the workflow. You can easily manage your images, rotate, comment and arrange as you want.
Runs on many systems
-Jalbum was developed in Java, therefore it runs on every operating system which is capable of running Java, including Windows (all versions), Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, OS2.
-Jalbum most likely speaks your language — it comes with 32!
-Skins define the gallery look and functionality. Jalbum has 13 skins built-in with another 120 skins available for download.
Add images with drag & drop
-Adding your images to Jalbum is simple: just drag and drop!
Add comments
-Use the Comments button to add comments (which may even contain HTML formatting).
IPTC and EXIF support
-Most Jalbum skins support IPTC and EXIF data to display in your web album. Look for special features, like integration with Google Maps & Earth.
Apply filters
-Apply filters to your images, like Tint filter, Border, Grayscale, Watermark, Fixed shape, Logotype, Text, Blur, Sharpen, Zoom
Other Filetypes
-Jalbum supports various types of files*, not just JPG images, and many skins also support movies and audio. * (avi mpg mpeg mpe mp4 mov wmv asf asx wvx 3gp divx xvid qt mp3 wma ram rm swf flv tiff psd zip arj sit rar xml pdf doc xls ppt mdb djvu djv odt ods odp odg odb)
Make album
-When you are happy with the choice of skin, comments and other settings, simply hit the Make album button. Jalbum builds your album and prepares it for the web. Check the result with the Preview button.
Share straight from your computer
-If you don't want to publish your album to the web, Jalbum has a built-in web server. Simply use the Sharing tool, which will make your album visible to others straight from your PC without the need to upload.
Publish to the web
-Publishing your album to the web is easy; use your free Jalbum account or any other provider.
Your personal page
-Your personal page: yourname.jalbum.net
With Jalbum's free account you get a unique url: yourname.jalbum.net. Jalbum will create your account and upload your albums to your new web album page.
Upload the album
-At the click of a button, Jalbum will upload your albums! The Smart upload option will only upload changed files.
Share your album
-After publishing your spectacular album, we've made it easy for you to share your album. Use the Share function to Send a link, share on your favorite social network site or embed a thumb in a blog.
-Manage your albums
You can manage your albums — add new, delete, password protect — straight from Jalbum.
Your uploaded album
-Voila... Your album is up and running.
Create your own skin
-If you still haven't found what you were looking for, develop your own skin! Jalbum skins use a simple method to describe gallery templates, and you can also use BeanShell scripting or Java to create more sophisticated features.

Кроме того, в JAlbum есть функция разворота изображений под определенным углом и добавления на них ссылок, открывающих другие не графические файлы.
Полученные веб-галереи можно просматривать в любом браузере, откуда их можно сохранять как обычные веб-страницы.

JAlbum обладает встроенным веб-сервером, благодаря которому можно легко показывать только что созданные веб-галереи всем родственникам и знакомым. На сайте разработчика можно скачать дополнительные скины для фотоальбомов.

В JAlbum реализована полная поддержка метода Drag&Drop, автоматическая подпись рисунков, имеется набор редактируемых шаблонов. В скачиваемом дистибе их 6. Дополнительно (более 30 скинов-шблонов) можно скачать на сайте разработчика пройдя бесплатную регистрацию.
Регистрация дает также возможность бесплатного размещения Ваших альбомов на сайте JAlbum AB.

Для работы программа использует Java Virtual Machine.

What's new in this version?
* Easier to switch between album projects
* Easier to delete albums
* More informative
News and Updates
* Made skin settings button more obvious to find
* Updated Korean and Romanian languages. Thank you translators!
* Added 9:16 ratio to crop image tool
* Updated installer version to AdvancedInstaller 7.2
Bug fixes
* When first time users created an album project, it was incorrectly stored under Jalbum's installation directory (the "My Albums" location was wrong).
* Since image specific user variables and image specific skin variables were introduced, global skin variables with the same name unfortunately had precedence over these. Not so anymore.
* Fixed unicode issues when reading IPTC camera metadata
* Made parsing of embedded GPS coordinates more robust.

Update: Sep 10, 2009
Supported Platforms: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Multilingual user interface (English, Russian, etc)
Licence: Freeware
Developer: JAlbum AB
Size: 53.34 Mb

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