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Ashampoo Magical Snap 3.30 Portable

The new Ashampoo Magical Snap is the successor to the popular Ashampoo SnapYa!. In addition to the powerful screen capture capabilities that made SnapYa! such a success the new version adds new editing and effects tools with a uniquely simple user interface. You have to see it to believe it – graphics editing has never been this easy!
Программа для создания скриншотов, позволяющая сохранять в графический файл все, что видно на экране монитора и за экраном, окно программы целиком или часть, веб-страницу, рабочий стол и все остальное. Имеется возможность делать скриншоты прокручивающихся окон. В Ashampoo Magical Snap имеется встроенный редактор, который позволяет применять самые разнообразные эффекты. Утилита обладает оригинальным и удобным пользовательским интерфейсом. Версии 3... отличии версий 2... (развивающихся параллельно), умеют захватывать и работать с видео - просто захватить скриншот или записать клип. При создании обучающих дмороликов с микрофона запишется и звуковой коментарий.

The new Ashampoo Snap 3 can capture and store anything on your computer screen, including video. If you can see it on your screen, Ashampoo Snap 3 can turn it into a snapshot or movie and save it to a file. And with its amazingly simple editing functions you can produce results that you will be proud to share in no time.

The new motion capture tool has two different modes: Video mode for full-motion movies and Application mode for capturing Windows programs – for example for demos and walk-through tutorials showing how to use a new application. You can also add your own voice with a microphone to comment on or explain what is being displayed.

Ashampoo Snap 3’s integrated graphics editing tools are powerful and easy to use. Add arrows, drop shadows, text and text bubbles, highlight areas in different ways and much more to turn simple screenshots into great-looking images in seconds.
How it works

Ashampoo Snap 3 can be started on demand or you can have it always available. To start a capture you just move the mouse pointer up to the top of the screen to display the button bar, which is otherwise hidden. This is great for quickly capturing unexpected events and saving them to share with friends – for example on news channels or chat boards.

After a capture the editor is displayed automatically and you can use the editing tools to enhance your image. If you keep Ashampoo Snap 3 available you can capture and edit on the fly and share an event with friends right after it happens.

What’s new
* Video capture for movies
In movie mode you can capture videos displayed anywhere on your screen and save them to high-quality WMV files. Video mode encodes on the fly, saves in full color and looks great when you play it back. All settings are automatic for optimum quality – you don’t have to configure anything.
* Video capture for applications
This mode is ideal for demos and user instructions. It captures everything on the screen, including mouse movements, and saves your captures to a compact video files.
* Choose video capture area, add your own voice
In both video capture modes you can capture the entire screen, a program window, a region defined with the mouse or a fixed-size region. You can also use your microphone to add your own comments and instructions for demos and tutorials. Sound settings are also configured automatically.
* Editor mode
Users liked the editing features of the previous versions so much that we’ve added an edit mode. You can now use Ashampoo Snap 3 as an editor to open and edit other images and videos.
* Cool new user interface
Modern button bars with transparent backgrounds, attractive new design, even easier to use than ever before.
* Accurate scrolling capture printing
Ashampoo Snap 3 can capture “scrolling windows” to include all the contents of a document in a single image, including the part not visible on the screen – for example for Word documents and long web pages. You can now print the resulting long documents to multiple pages accurately, Ashampoo Snap 3 automatically makes sure that text lines don’t get broken between pages.
* Automatic filenames
You can configure the format of the automatic filenames generated when you make captures. For example, you can include the current date and time in the filename.
* Flood fill tool
New editing tool for filling areas with color.

Other cool features
* Capture scrolling windows
Capture the entire contents of a text document or web page to a single graphics image. Ashampoo Snap 3 automatically scrolls the window and captures everything, including the part of the document not visible in the window.
* Capture freestyle shapes
Start capture and draw the shape you want to capture on the screen with the mouse – it’s like the lasso function in a graphics program.
* Unique mouse tools
Super-intuitive graphics editing tools with all the controls attached to the mouse pointer so that you don’t have to open any menus or dialogs. Everything is right there where you’re editing. Once you’ve used mouse tools everything else feels slow and clunky.
* User assistance wizards
In Assistant mode, which is activated by default, Ashampoo Snap 3 shows you where everything is and explains how to do everything directly in the program. You’ll probably never need to look at the detailed documentation we spent so long writing…

Особенности программы:
- Видео захват с кодеками высокого качества
- Два режима захвата видео для фильмов и Demo программ
- On-The-Fly Video кодировка - не надо ждать
- Захват окон с за-экранным содержимым
- Захват целых текстовых документов, электронных таблиц, веб-страниц и веб-сайтов
- Полная поддержка нескольких мониторов
- Полная поддержка на совместимость с Windows Vista
- Новые эффекты для захвата
- Наиболее простое и быстрое использование
- Новые и усовершенствованные инструменты редактирования изображения
- Программа обеспечивает печать на принтере захваченного в одно изображение (веб-страница с прокруткой или область за экраном)на нескольких страницах без разрыва строк.
- Расширенный пользовательский интерфейс
- Интерактивные справочники помогут вам разобраться в программе (имеется поддержка на русском языке)
- М многое другое...

Update: Oct, 2009
Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP и Vista
Multilingual user interface (English, Russian, etc)
Home page
The program is registered
Size: 16,87 Mb

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