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Nimi Visuals 10.4 20091129 Portable

Windows effect and customization engine offering over 58 inbuilt amazing effects like launchers, jelly windows, transparent windows, snow, blurred taskbar and many other (check webpage for more information). As well as advanced repository system for installing, managing and autoupdating 3rd part customization software, NV plugins, desktop scripts, wallpapers and even system themes.
Nimi Visuals это упакованные эффекты Windows для полной настройки вашей системы. Вам предлагаются более 58 встроенных занимательных эффектов, таких как эффекты открытия и закрытия диалоговых окон, эффекты: желе окон, прозрачные окна, снег и многие другие. А также передовые системы кодов для установки, управления и автоматического обновления настроек программного обеспечения, NV плагинов, скриптов для рабочего стола, обоев и даже тем для системы. Также предлагается возможность изменения скинов границ диалоговых окон с размытым фоном.

It also offers window border skinning capability, with blurred background, as well as analysing url in search for repository capable media. It can also use native system theme for theming - making them transparent - also with blur possibility.

On top of that it offers desktop grouping and organizing extension based upon Nimi Nici component - showing folders directly on the desktop in realizable, transparent boxes (Nimi Nici browsing component). You can just drag and drop, paste HTML, text, bitmaps to save them as quick notes. (pasted bitmaps are saved as loss quality JPG). Thumbnails for some file types are saved with ".nici" sufix. To ignore folder on the desktop from showing, create "ignore.nici" file inside it.

It sizes ~1mb, many effects use GPU acceleration and usually has 10 mb memory usage footprint - doesn?t require installation, can be run as portable and doesn?t use registry.

* Portable
Just set up path to its data directory by adding path as command argument, to make it load: all settings, store data on chosen location. It's this simple!
* No installation
It doesn't came with installer, doesn't use registry. Just click it's executable to run. All settings and data will be stored in User application data folder or chosen by User.
* Small memory footprint
In most cases it uses less than 10 mb of memory as it uses advanced memory management.
* Better memory usage
Improved memory management boosts performance and frees even more resources where possible.
* Natural
It's designed to blend in naturally to operational system look and feel - giving You even greater use experience: thanks to instant detection, autoadapt system and very small memory footprint You can easily forget that it's not inbuilt system component.
* Clock precision
Algorithms were stopwatch optimized even for smallest millisecond differences as each detail counts.
* Processor scheduling
Time critical operations are being tried to be executed as fast possible so dependant tasks won't be having any eventual delay.
* Improved error handling
Everything is possible, that's why error handling was improved for better necessary instructions execution.
* Distributed threading
Multi threading instructions consider each other execution time so result will be synchronized.
* Requirements splitting
Effects requirements are more detailed with new sub types shortening their processing road.
* Data collector
It can analyse almost any given web adress for repositories capable media like wallpapers, system themes or for example 3rd part software - and automatically add it to available packages list. Moreover, it automatically adapt to ZIP archive content if provided.
* Repository system
With repository system You can install quickly 3rd part desktop scripts, plug-ins, wallpapers, system themes and even customization software. It's also a great tool for keeping them updated and share Your great creations with Others!
* Language localization
It comes with translation of its interface. Language is automatically chosen on the first start, but it can be change later from Center. Also when performing quick search search query will be translated on the fly.
* All applications in one place
You can manage running of most of 3rd part applications installed using repository system directly from center panel. Moreover, they automatically start and close with program.
* Window theming
Use build in window border theming engine to add completely new look to Your workspace, or simply create Your own by editing just one graphic file. It also offers titlebar background blur.
* Amazing performance
Built in component architecture contains finest parts that were evolving over a year with each program release - creating solid fundamentals and breezing speed of whole code.
* GPU acceleration
Many effects and features came with GPU acceleration - using graphic card to boost their performance, look and feel - making those even faster and more eye-candy than before.
* Elegant from scratch
Starting from specially build controls to full on-screen transparency animated inbuilt effects. All that for better usage experience.
* Customization tool
You can manage system themes and wallpapers directly from program - which makes it perfect tool for customization and content delivery.
* Selectable components
Two built-in detection cores and separate thumbnailing mechanisms allow to better adapt to system specifics and desired experience.
* Desktop scripting
It allows You to turn desktop into HTML and Bastet powered interactive surface, displaying any possibly scripted content.
* Easy to use
Just select effect icon from settings to turn it on. Thanks to autoadapt system You won't need to configure anything.
* Accessible
Program license is freeware for non-commercial use so You don't need to pay for it for personal usage.
* Updated often
Enjoy small updates with new features few times a month, and major version change about per month.

Размер программы ~ 1.2 MB, многие эффекты используют GPU ускорение и ей необходимо 10 Мб памяти - не требует инсталляции, может быть запущена как портативная, не использует реестр.

Вверху окна программы предложено группирование и организация расширения рабочего стола, основанное на компоненте Nimi Nici - показ папок непосредственно на рабоче столе в реализуемых прозрачных коробках (компонент Nimi Nici для просмотра).Вы можете просто перетащить, вставить HTML, текст, bitmaps, чтобы сохранить их в виде быстрых записей (вставленные bitmaps сохраняются как JPG с меньшим размером). Мини-копии для некоторых типов файлов сохраняются с расширением ".Nici". Чтобы игнорировать папку на рабочем столе от показа, создайте внутри файл "ignore.nici" .

What's New in This Release:
· updated jelly windows to 12.0 - new animation algorithm, independent point deformation
· optimized NimiGPU for systems not supporting full hardware acceleration
· updated second core mode - faster detection speed and response, improved tunnelling
· improved error handling for message handling
· updated thumbnail library - now those can support transparent content
· changed first window thumbnailer mode - there should be no more flickering
· changed second window thumbnailer mode - now it can capture alpha transparent windows with transparency (without blur)
· reorganized loading and unloading sequences

· Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0(Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 and 3.5 for GPU accelerated effects)
· Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 (Microsoft. NET Framework 3.0 и 3.5 для GPU ускорения эффектов)

In the archives of the program and presentation videos.
В архиве сама программа и презентационное видео.

Update: Nov 30th, 2009
Platforms: Windows XP/2003/Vista/XP X64/2008/ Vista64 /7
Languages: English
Licence: Freeware
Developer: Samiwieciekto
Size: 10.98 Mb

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