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Main » 2010 » Март » 31 » Portable Vistanita Duplicate Finder v 9.2.0 ENG
Portable Vistanita Duplicate Finder v 9.2.0 ENG

Portable Vistanita Duplicate Finder v 9.2.0 ENG|Work in Windows XP,Vista,Win 7
It's packaged in VMWare ThinApp v Program is registered|rar|5.12 MB

Remove true duplicate files; recover lot of disk space
Duplicate File Finder, True byte by byte comparison.
Vistanita Duplicate Finder - программа для поиска и удаления одинаковых файлов на вашем ПК.

Vistanita Duplicate Finder найдет абсолютные дубликаты на диске, независимо от их названия, расширения, веса и даты, т е полные аналоги, подсветит их зеленым цветом и предложит вам принять решение о их удалении. Помимо этого программа находит похожие файлы музыки и картинок и для удобства имеет окно предварительного просмотра перед удалением.
Vistanita Duplicate Finder использует метод Byte-to-Byte, который, как заявляют разработчики, находит дубликаты файлов в 100% случаях. Программа использует минимум ресурсов и может работать даже на старых ПК. Совместима с Windows Vista.
You may not realize how many duplicate files you have after downloaded many files from the Internet or duplicate files scattered over your home or corporate network. Duplicate files are usually waste and unnecessary, so keeping them is merely a waste of valuable hard disk space. Your hard drives may be full of documents, MP3, photos, and video and many of them are redundant.
Duplicate Finder, is designed to find and delete true duplicate files over home and corporate network while no software installed on other computer. Fast byte-to-byte and CRC32 comparison gives you the most accurate results and Duplicate Finder searches duplicate file contents regardless of filename. A list of duplicate files can be sorted, exported, and acted upon. A search session including results can be saved. Duplicate files can be deleted, moved, or copied. Regain valuable disk space and improve data quality.
* Two powerful search engines (byte by byte and CRC32).
* Find files with same contents, same name and zero size.
* Find duplicate pictures, video, songs(mp3, wma, ogg).
* Fastest among duplicate files finders.
* Very user friendly, Specially design for novice users.
* Works with removable media devices like Floppy, USB, etc.
* Search local PC and over network.
* Find duplicate files based on criteria : filename, byte to byte, CRC, etc.
* Fuzzy Match for files with little differences
* Can find duplicate from a selected set of folders (i.e., not from whole drive).
* Allows important folders you wish to be excluded from scanning altogether.
* Can use wild cards and protects the windows and system folders.
* Skips the hidden files and folder.
* Show files version and properties.
* Resizable popup picture viewer.
* Save job session and results for later review.
* Results can be exported in HTML and CSV formats.
* Identify and recover wasted disk space
* Reducing the time and media used for backups
* Minimize time used to unneeded virus scanning
* Increase free space on "limited" resources, like laptops and memory disks
* Reduce files searching time
* Remove duplicate files to eliminate synchronization problems
* Runs much more quickly than others in its class, very safe and reliable


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