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Main » 2011 » Август » 20 » Lunascape Web Browser ORION Extended ML/Rus & Portable
Lunascape Web Browser ORION Extended ML/Rus & Portable

Lunascape Web Browser ORION Extended - On top of the Triple Engine, we now support Triple Add-ons and provide you with more advanced yet easy-to-use interfaces. We consider this as an important step towards the unified browsing platform.
Lunascape Web Browser ORION Extended - мощный веб-браузер, включающий в себя три движка: Trident - движок Internet Explorer, Gecko - движок Firefox и WebKit - движок на котором основаны браузеры Safari и Chrome.

Ver.6.5.4 Release Date: August 19, 2011
- New Features and Improvements
* After a new install an item "Go to URL" will appear in the Highlighted Search menu. This item will not appear after updating from an earlier version of Lunascape to Lunascape 6.5.4. In this case please follow the steps under "Notes" below.

- Новые возможности и усовершенствования
* В меню поиска появился новый пункт "Перейти к адресу". Этот элемент не появится после обновления более ранней версии Lunascape до Lunascape 6.5.4. В этом случае, пожалуйста, следуйте инструкциям в разделе NOTES ниже.
- WebKit Specific
* The WebKit engine has been updated to revision 91436
* Fixed Bugs
--Clicking "Back" in the "Choose Components" dialog during a repair install caused the installation to finish without further user interaction
--A resource ID was displayed in the dialog appearing when switching to Gecko on a system not supporting Gecko
--The links of the bookmarks "Lunascape Help" and "Lunascape Community" were displayed incorrectly
--Repeatedly displaying the id part of the bookmarklet DIV caused its appearance to become distorted
- Gecko Specific
* When deleting Gecko during a repair install, removal failed for some files and folders
- WebKit Specific
* When an unknown font was encountered in the style sheet of a site, instead of trying the next item in the font-family list, the default font specified in the WebKit settings was used

To be able to use "Go to URL" in Highlighted Search after an update, reset the Highlighted Search function in the following way.
1. Select View - Sidebar - Settings 2. Right-click "Highlighted Search" in the Settings sidebar and select "Reset"
3. If you have changed settings such as the default search engine for this function, these settings will also be reset. Please perform your settings once again, after resetting the Highlight Search function as above

Чтобы быть в состоянии использовать " Перейти к адресу" выполните следующее:
1. Выберите Вид - Боковая панель - Настройки 2. Щелкните правой кнопкой мыши "Выделенный Поиск" в настройки боковой панели и выберите "Установить заново"
3. Если вы изменили настройки, такие как поисковая система по умолчанию, эти настройки также будут сброшены. Пожалуйста, выполните настройки еще раз, что и выше

System Requirements
* OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server 2008
* Memory: 1GB (recommended: 2GB or more)
* Internet Explorer 6 or later

Update: Aug 19, 2011
Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server 2008
Multilingual user interface (English, Russian, etc)
Licence: Freeware
Developer: lunascape.tv
Size: 43.52 Mb

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