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Calibre Portable 0.8.19 ML

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.
Calibre Portable программа с открытым исходным кодом, разработанная пользователями электронных книг для пользователей электронных книг

Release: 0.8.19 [16 Sep, 2011]
- New Features
* Driver for Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
* MOBI Output: Add option in Preferences->Output Options->MOBI Output to enable the share via Facebook feature for calibre produced MOBI files. Note that enabling this disables the sync last read position across multiple devices feature. Don't ask me why, ask Amazon.
* Content server: Update metadata when sending MOBI as well as EPUB files
* News download: Add an auto_cleanup_keep variable that allows recipe writers to tell the auto cleanup to never remove a specified element
* Conversion: Remove paragraph spacing: If you set the indent size negative, calibre will now leave the indents specified in the input document
- Bug Fixes
* Fix regression in 0.8.18 that broke PDF Output
* MOBI Output: Revert change in 0.8.18 that marked news downloads with a single section as blogs, as the Kindle does not auto archive them
* PDF output on OSX now generates proper non image based documents
* RTF Input: Fix handling of internal links and underlined text
* Closes tickets: 845328 [External link]
Fix language sometimes not getting set when downloading metadata in the edit metadata dialog
Fix regression that broke killing of multiple jobs
* Closes tickets: 850764 [External link]
Fix bug processing author names with initials when downloading metadata from ozon.ru.
* Closes tickets: 845420 [External link]
Fix a memory leak in the Copy to library operation which also fixes the metadata.db being held open in the destination library
* Closes tickets: 849469 [External link]
Keyboard shortcuts: Allow use of symbol keys like >,*,etc.
* Closes tickets: 847378 [External link]
EPUB Output: When splitting be a little cleverer about discarding 'empty' pages
- New news sources
* RT by Darko Miletic
* CIO Magazine by Julio Map
* India Today and Hindustan Times by Krittika Goyal
* Pagina 12 Print Edition by Pablo Marfil
- Improved news sources
* Twitch Films
* Japan Times
* People/US Magazine mashup
* Business World India
* Inquirer.net
* Guardian/Observer

Update: Sep 16, 2011
Platforms: Windows 7/Vista/XP SP3
Multilingual user interface (English, Russian, etc)
Licence: Freeware
Developer: John Schember, calibre-ebook.com
Size: 52.16 Mb

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