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Main » 2009 » Июнь » 4 » Portable Paint Shop Pro 9 rus
Portable Paint Shop Pro 9 rus

Portable Paint Shop Pro 9 rus

It's packaged in Thinstall 4.0.1-2866 Program is registered
Paint Shop Pro sets the standard for affordable, professional image editing. Version 9 builds on Paint Shop Pro’s legacy of creative innovation with a new set of art media tools, professional photo correction filters, and precision graphic design capabilities to offer users limitless creativity. You can greatly reduce time spent on production tasks with Paint Shop Pro’s streamlined production tools. Edit photos, create graphics, draw, paint, and animate, all within a highly customizable workspace environment. Paint Shop Pro 9 provides advanced tools for advanced imaginations.
Профессиональный редактор растровой графики. Множество возможностей по обработке графики, в том числе и фото. Номер два после ADOBE Photoshop.
C некоторых пор является продуктом корпорации Corel (имя не менее известное и громкое чем ADOBE, вспомните редактор векторной графики Corel Draw).Интерфейс только русский.

We're excited about this new version of Paint Shop Pro and are sure that no matter your favorite use of the program - whether editing photos, designing graphics or creating artwork - that you'll find new tools and features to spark your imagination and creativity. Some of the exciting new features in Paint Shop Pro 9 include:

Innovative digital photography filters - the Digital Camera Noise Removal filter scans photos and removes image noise introduced by the digital camera system while intelligently preserving normal image textures. The Chromatic Aberration Removal filter helps eliminate the colored glows that often appear in digital photos. The Fill Flash filter corrects the underexposure of shadows in photos, while the Backlighting filter helps compensate for over-exposed areas surrounding the subject of a photo.

Raw Camera image support - commonly known as "digital negatives", Raw Camera images contain the unprocessed sensor data captured by digital cameras. Paint Shop Pro 9 includes integrated support for Raw images from popular camera models by Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus and Pentax. You can set custom white balance, exposure and sharpening levels when converting Raw Camera images for use in Paint Shop Pro.

Realistic painting tools - new "Art Media" tools allow you to create digital artwork that accurately emulates real-world media and painting styles. The new Mixer palette is an off-canvas area to experiment and mix custom colors together, while artists of all levels can use Tracing as an easy way to repaint a photograph or other image using realistic brush strokes.

Flexible drawing and text tools - the new Rectangle and Ellipse shape tools make it easier than ever to create buttons, banners and other custom graphics. The new Symmetric Shape tool allows you to create regular polygons and stars, then edit them into custom artistic shapes with dazzling flexibility and control. The Text tool now features vertical text layout options and new anti-alias rendering choices that render cleaner text at smaller font sizes, while options on the Pen tool have been simplified, making it easier than ever to add lines and curves to graphics.

History palette and Selective Undo - you can easily stay on top of complex editing projects with the new History palette, which tracks each command applied to an image. Powerful new Selective Undo functionality allows you to undo any individual editing step in a document’s history without undoing all the following commands. Select and save history steps to the clipboard or as scripts for use in another image.

Resource categorization - you can now organize your Paint Shop Pro resource files by projects or subjects in flexible Resource Categories. Choose exactly which groups of resources are available to use by switching between categories when using a tool or feature. You can create your own categories to use along with the default options installed with the program.

Filters and effects - use the Displacement Map filter to "tattoo" graphics onto a photo or create custom two- or three-dimensional surface effects. Add spin, twist and zoom blur effects to images with the Radial Blur filter.

Print Layout text - we’ve made it easier than ever to add captions and titles to photo layouts with the new text options in Print Layout. Add and format custom text to describe photos and graphics.

Browser information view - a new information section in the Browser allows you to view image details, creator information and EXIF data for any selected image. Sort images using EXIF data to find specific photos.
Download : (Size: 98 mb)

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