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Main » 2009 » Июнь » 16 » t.A.T.u. - Not Gonna Get Us (2000)
t.A.T.u. - Not Gonna Get Us (2000)

Т.А.Т.У. - Нас не догонят
TVRip | Pop | 640x480 | 128 kbit/s | Russian | mpg | 46.4 mb | 3 min 58 sec

The music video for this song is a re-edited version of the Russian video, altered to remove the lip synching, usually by adding a broken glass shot over the shots of them singing. The video starts off with Yulia and Elena's mugshots, implying that they have done something wrong. They steal a large truck and ride off down a snowy Siberian landscape together with the truck slightly burning on the engines' left side while talking and reading a map. They run over a construction worker in the middle of the road, who is played by their ex producer Ivan Shapovalov. At the end of the video it shows both girls standing on the top of the moving truck, hugging each other in triumph. Ivan Shapovalov directed the video. This sequence bears a resemblance to the end sequences of the film, Runaway Train, starring John Voight, who rides atop, an out-of-control train, through a snowstorm.

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Бяки они biggrin
Не люблю их. tongue

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