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VectorEngineer Quick Tools 2

VectorEngineer Quick-Tools is a mini cad system that offers all the basic features required to make technical drawings, working drawings, designs, plans, and diagrams in a simple point and click environment.
VectorEngineer Quick Tools 2 - многофункциональный графическая система типа cad, располагающая всеми средствами для создания профессиональных рисунков, рабочих чертежей, планов, диаграмм и прочего с помощью одной только мыши в привычном Windows окружении.
Программа предельно проста в использовании, но без ущерба для функционала.

VectorEngineer is a 2d cad system originally developed as a technical drawing program to produce working drawings for engineering projects. Isometric visualization was created to help minimise mistakes when using the traditional top, front and side views and to help generate a feeling for the finished object. The screen shot demonstrates this idea and shows the results easily attainable by the system. Isometrics can be built using a variety of shapes, cubes, quadrics, spheres, cylinders, cones as well as plate/wall pieces and simulated holes with true measurements on all sides. All drawing and edit commands are accessed by a floating toolbar which includes extensive viewing, snap positioning, and dimensioning tools or use the extensive menu commands which includes part assembly and saved views as well as all the drawing setup parameters such as unit and grid settings to make for easy and accurate drawing

Requirements: Pentium P.C. with a minimum resolution of 800 * 600 pixels, (1024 * 768 recommended). Windows 95+. 6mb of free drive space.

OS: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista
Languages: English
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Size: 2 Mb

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