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Main » 2009 » Июль » 20 » Portable XVEL Image Cut 1.509
Portable XVEL Image Cut 1.509

Portable XVEL Image Cut 1.509
It's packaged in Thinstall 4.0.1-2866 Program is registered

Here’s a creative tool for professional webmasters who are looking for the fastest possible way to create high-quality html template and site design that include a foolproof method for splitting images to prevent theft. Visitors are forced to return to the site every time they want to view images and that automatically increases site traffic. Moreover with Image Cut you will make your images load faster and improve site rating on search engines.
XVEL Image Cut - Самое быстрое решение для профессиональных веб-мастеров для известного разъединения изображений чтобы значительно затруднить возможное воровство, что так же увеличит скорость загрузки страниц и само собой повысит рейтинг поисковых машин.Для вебмастеров находка а не программа.

With Image Cut you can split image into parts. Every part can be saved in JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP formats. Image Cut allows you to split image in different ways and layouts. Additional HTML file is generated to merge all parts into single image again.
Every professional web designer knows the routine. First you design your single image template using your favorite image editor such as GIMP or PhotoShop. Then you split the image template using a cutting tool that’s capable of creating the HTML to merge each image slice into a complete image.
Image Cut automates the image slicing process and saves you hours of time and unnecessary steps. Image Cut does all of the hard work for you. Just place the cut marks on your image right where you want them. Image Cut automatically saves each slice in an optimized file and then generates the HTML for you. You just drop the files onto your site and you’re ready to go!
Optimize web content for quick downloads saving web space and increasing playback speed. Image Cut will automatically choose the most compact file format for JPEG, GIF, PNG and loseless image quality for each picture segment. Even better, you can compare different qualities and resulting file sizes using quick preview and do custom optimizations at will. If a particular segment has no significant data it can be marked as "blank" so no image file is stored. And that’s ideal image compression!
Image Cut is SEO-aware and will help improve your site ranking by inserting ALT description image tags for every image. That means you can add keyword-optimized titles and descriptions for all your images. Quick and painless, Image Cut is designed to make SEO modifications that do their part in helping you achieve maximum site popularity in the shortest time possible.

Дополнительные функции включают в себя, пакетную обработку, автоматический выбор формата изображения и цвета для "пустых" долей, встроенный html-редактор с подсвечиванием синтаксиса и пр.
Программа поддерживает более 20 входных форматов изображений, сохраняет обработанную графику в форматах BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, оптимизирует изображение с быстрым предварительным просмотром.
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