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PaceStar WizFlow Professional 6.20 Portable

WizFlow Flowcharter is the flowcharting software that enables you to draw professional quality flowcharts and similar diagrams with the absolute minimum effort. Thanks to hundreds of pre-defined flowchart symbols and shapes, it only takes minutes to create a flowchart to present ideas, document processes, design systems, or develop software. WizFlow does the hard part, you do the easy and fun parts. Flowcharting has never been easier. WizFlow is all you’ll need for creating flowcharts.
Программа для создания профессиональных диаграмм.
Она уникально подобрана для простоты в использовании и не требует подготовки. Создавайте любой тип блоков или диаграмм. Используйте встроенные формы и стрелки или создавайте свои собственные.
Программа содержит все функции дорогих пакетов, такие как полное приближение, соединение OLE, печать постеров, импорт и экспорт графики. Программа создает диаграммы по формам на вашем виде, добавляя различные стили текста, поддерживая потоки и соотношения.

It supports all popular flowcharting standards including classic IBM, Ansi R-54, FIPS, and more. WizFlow contains many of the features of our more comprehensive EDGE Diagrammer product but at a reduced price. Plus there’s a Professional Edition available if you need additional power (like EDGE for just flowcharts).

Version 6.20 (build 2040) 08/10/09 - New Feature Release
* Diagrams can now contain multiple sheets. A sheet is like a page, though each sheet may itself be divided into multiple 'pages' for printing purposes. Currently each sheet is an extension of the diagram and therefore shares the same diagram properties and styles.

Update: Aug 10, 2009
Supported Platforms: Windows XP/2003/Vista
Languages: English
Developer:Pacestar Software
The program is registered
Size: 16.5 Mb

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