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Main » 2009 » Сентябрь » 8 » WebSite Watcher v5.1.2 Final Multilang
WebSite Watcher v5.1.2 Final Multilang

WebSite-Watcher is a powerful yet simple website-monitoring tool, perfectly suited to the beginner and advanced user alike. If you can work with an email client, you can even work with WebSite-Watcher! The software places you in complete control over what gets checked, when it gets checked, and even how you are notified.Monitor web pages with a minimum of time. Why waste hours surfing the web, when WebSite-Watcher can do this job for you within a few minutes. Supports all kind of pages with textual content (html, asp, php, ...).
WebSite-Watcher — мощная программа для мониторинга сайтов на предмет их обновления. При обнаружении изменений обновленные страницы сохраняются и на них цветом выделяются все изменения. Для более конкретного контроля за изменением определенной информации возможно использование хорошо настраиваемых фильтров. Программа поддерживает интеграцию с наиболее популярными браузерами — Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape и Opera.

Many file/page types
* Monitor web pages
Monitor web pages with a minimum of time. Why waste hours surfing the web, when WebSite-Watcher can do this job for you within a few minutes. Supports all kind of pages with textual content (html, asp, php, ...).
* Monitor password protected pages
Logins to a password protected page can be recorded with the integrated Check-Macro feature. These macros are executed when WebSite-Watcher checks the bookmarks for updates.
* Monitor forums
Efficient way to monitor forums for new topics and replies using forum templates. Works with all major forums including phpBB, SMF, vBulletin, IPB, etc.
* Monitor RSS-Feeds
Website-Watcher converts RSS/Atom feeds into a readable format using a template system. So you can use the full power of WebSite-Watcher to detect new or changed RSS postings within a single tool and also monitor password protected RSS feeds behind a login.
* Monitor Newsgroups
WebSite-Watcher offers a base functionality for reading and writing new newsgroup postings and answers. The newsgroups functionality can also be used with the keywords functionality to monitor postings for specified keywords.
* Monitor binary files
Binary files (for example zip or exe files) can be monitored via the file date, the file size or via a small part of the content. That allows you to efficiently monitor large files without having to download them. Dependent from the server, WebSite-Watcher will choose the best checking method automatically.
* Monitor local files
Monitor local files and directories and use the same powerful features as you do for web resources.

Many Benefits:
• Don't waste hours checking websites for updates when WebSite-Watcher can do it automatically for you
• Know what your competitors are doing, WebSite-Watcher scans their websites for you
• Know when a new software version or driver update is released, WebSite-Watcher detects the updates for you
• Stay informed with new postings or answers in discussion forums, WebSite-Watcher will notify you as soon as possible

Version 5.1.2 (10-Aug-2009)
[-] A check optimization was broken in v5.1.1. As a side effect, a change was probably alerted with some delay. This bug was unfortunately introduced between the last beta and final of v5.1.1.

Supported Platforms: 9x/Me/NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista/ 7
Multilingual user interface (English, Russian, etc)
Home page
All in the archive
Size: 6.3 Mb

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