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Main » 2009 » Сентябрь » 27 » RecoverPlus Photo Recovery 2.7.6
RecoverPlus Photo Recovery 2.7.6

Just three mouse clicks away from restoring your lost and deleted photos or files. On drives or any removable media or digital camera, even after a (re)format. All connections with a drive letter are supported. RecoverPlus also recovers from your physically damaged cards. Most Awards-Winning RecoverPlus recognizes all possible picture files. RecoverPlus comes with over 50 different predefined file types, data and RAW included.
RecoverPlus - программа для восстановления потерянных, удаленных и отформатированных фотографий или файлов, с любых сменных носителей и подсоединенной к компьютеру цифровой камеры. RecoverPlus поддерживает более 40 предопределенных типов файлов, включая данные и RAW. Изображения с высоким разрешением выводятся на экран по мере восстановления. Все файлы восстанавливаются удивительно аккуратно и быстро. Поддерживаются все жесткие диски, камеры, карты, CD/DVD, USB, PCMCIA, FireWire и т.д.

Add any other file type yourself using the unique learning engine TP Adaptive! Reduce the number of files to be recovered to exactly the missing ones by using the SmartScan option.

Optimized recovering of RAW files from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Konica Minolta, Rollei, Leica, Hasselblad, Kodak, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sigma, Samsung, Mamiya, Adobe, Foveon and others.

Digital Picture recovery for / Восстанавливает цифровое фото:

Recover what others do not.
* Add any file type or improve the accuracy of any type with the unique learning engine TP Adaptive. Included at no additional costs!
* Modified file types and even entirely new file types are detected by TP Adaptive.
* For example changed types or new types coming with new camera models.
* Like for Nikon D90, D700 NEF recovery, Canon 50D, 5D, G10 CRW & CR2 recovery, Sony A900, A350, A300, A700 SRF recovery, Minolta ARW recovery etcetera.
* For the utmost accurate recognition, also sub-types of file types are discovered by using Fuzzy Logic.
* You have a full control over each file type you want to detect. The benefits are increased reliability and recovering speed.
* Using TP Adaptive you are able to recover the files and pictures other programs are failing to recognize.
Recover only what you are really missing.
* Using the SmartScan option you are able to search for missing files only.
* Existing files are discarded, narrowing recovery to exactly the files you are really missing.
* With SmartScan you also have better chances for a sucessfull recovery of files that were stored fragmented.
* On large disks, recovering time and the number of files to examine will be reduced dramatically.
* If needed, RecoverPlus will automatically enable this unique feature.
RecoverPlus repairs unreadable files and recovers from damaged cards.
* While recovering, damaged picture files are being adjusted if improvement is possible.
* Especially Raw files are benefitting, like Canon CRW, CR2, Nikon NEF and Sigma X3F.
* Unreadable files will become readable with the built in Photo Repair.
* RecoverPlus Pro even recovers your files from physically damaged cards, using an automated recovering process.
You get what you see.
* What you will see in the resizeable pre-view pane is the real image.
* RecoverPlus renders pre-view images from the whole recovered file rather than using an embedded thumbnail.
* You are getting at least what you are seeing or even more.
Display your recovered pictures full screen.
* Full screen display with just one click on the picture. Resizeable thumbs.
* If available, Exif information is shown. Date and time of the files are reset to their original date and time of digitizing.
Just click and open your file in Windows.
* Double click and the file opens in the associated program. Right click and you will see all the specifications of the file.
In a hurry when disaster strikes?
* Press the Backup button for saving the whole medium to your hard disk. You can deal with it later as if it was the original.
* Moreover, RecoverPlus caches all scanned files on disk until you save your files or make a new scan. Resume later if you want.
* No need for rescanning after purchasing!
* RecoverPlus Pro also recovers from backup files made with other programs!
* All drive connections supported.
* The very accurate and fast recovery, enabled by the proprietary Recovery Engine, will surprise you.
* Scanning, detecting and recovering of files in one go is as fast as normal loading of files. Up to 15 MB/sec with a CF card.*
* Supported is any connection with a drive letter, like a disk, reader, camera, card, stick, iPod, Image Tank, CD/DVD, USB, PCMCIA, FireWire, etcetera.
* The only limitation in size is the free space on your system disk.
Undelete files or scan the whole media rescuing all lost files:
1. Quick Undelete for restoring deleted photos and files.
2. Scan is the most preferred and quick thorough recovery. Even on formatted media.
3. Deep Scan is for a comprehensive scan and restoring from reformatted media.
4. Damaged Scan is for a comprehensive low level deep scan and retrieval from damaged media.
Whatever method you will use, files are not stored on the same medium.
RecoverPlus cannot cause any additional loss of images or data.
Designed for removable media.
RecoverPlus is designed especially for use on removable (digital) media: cards, disks, cameras and other storage devices.
С RecoverPlus Вы сможете:
1. Сканировать вашу карту, подключать цифровые камеры, cd, dvd
2. Использовать функцию *Сохранить* для сохранения в той директории, в которой вы хотите.

Программа не требуется специальных навыков.
RecoverPlus распознает то, что другие программы не могут. Уникальное самообучающееся ядро (TransPict Adaptive) программы может самостоятельно добавлять новые типы файлов. Вы можете контролировать каждый файловый тип, который вы хотите восстановить с увеличенной скоростью и надежностью.
1 Гигабайт полностью восстанавливается меньше, чем за 70 секунд. 7-9 мегабайт в секунду с card reader и USB
Программа уникальна по своим возможностям и предлагает новый алгоритм восстановления.

System Requirements:
* Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/2003/2000/ME/98SE
* 32 megabytes of RAM (more recommended)
* Hard drive or a removable media type for storage of retrieved files.
Cardreader if no drive letter being assigned by Windows.
RecoverPlus Pro is best seen at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.
* 1GB Sandisk Extreme III CF card on a 3 GHz Pentium 4 with CardBus connection. Fully recovered in less than 70 seconds with 15 MB/sec.
With a card reader and USB connection 7.5 MB/sec. 30 MB/sec using a FireWire connection.

Update: Sep, 2009
Supported Platforms: Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/2003/2000/ME/98SE
Languages: English
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