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Flock 2.5.6 Portable

The Flock developers have released version 2.5.6 of their social web browser based on Firefox 3, addressing several security issues. Flock is a popular cross-platform browser that automatically manages updates and media from several popular social services, including MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Digg, YouTube and Twitter.
Лёгкий в использовании социальный интернет — браузер, основанный на быстрых и безопасных технологиях Mozilla. Публиковать свои фотографии, получать последние новости, легко писать в блоги и находить информацию по всему миру — это не полный список того, что Вы можете делать с Flock. Flock позволяет Вам общаться со своими друзьями как никогда легко.

So with Flock, you can now keep in touch and share text, links, pictures, video and more with friends, family and co-workers across the entire internet with unparalleled speed and seamless ease.

- Flock delivers the latest webmail, photos, videos and updates from your favorites sites, so you can stop running around. Take a load off. Enjoy.
- Keep In Touch - Keep in tune with your friends and their activities. Flock makes sure you never miss a beat.
- It's Cool To Share - Flock hooks it all together so you can drag and drop anything to your friends.
- Make the News: Publish Yourself - Flock makes blogging and photo uploading to popular services super easy. Just log in to your favorite service and your instantly ready to publish anything from anywhere on the web with Flock.
- Easy Access - Flock automatically connects you with over 20 of your favorite online services. Just log in. Flock does the rest.
- Stay Informed and Be Heard - Flock has features you can't find in any other browser, whether you're consuming the news or making the news.

Activate Services and Unite Your Social Networks in the People Sidebar
* Activate Accounts and Services in Flock to Bring Your Contacts Together
* Monitor Contacts and Perform Actions Using the People Sidebar
* Facebook Chat
View and Share Media through the Media Bar
* View Media in the Media Bar
* Search for Media Using the Media Bar
* Find and Favorite Media Streams
* View Media in Your Own Online Account
* Drag and Drop from the Media Bar
* Post, Email and Share from the Media Bar
Share Pictures, Text, Audio and Video
* Email Links with One Click
* Set Up Your Online Photo Account in Flock
* Edit and Upload Pictures Using the Photo Uploader
* Drag and Drop Share - Practically Anything!
* Use the Web Clipboard for Instant Saving and Sharing
Broadcast your activities with FlockCast
* Broadcast your status.
* Broadcast your blogs.
* Broadcast your pictures.
* Shut down FlockCast.
Set Up Webmail in Flock
* Set Up a Webmail Account in Flock
* Use Webmail in Flock
* Work with Multiple Webmail Accounts
* Share with Webmail
Activate and Manage Blogs
* Set Up a Blog Service in Flock
* Set Up a Self-hosted Blog in Flock
* Use Flock to Post to Your Blog
Track Feeds
* Find Feeds
* View Feeds
* Subscribe to Feeds
* Work with Articles
* Manage Feeds and Feed Readers
* Use the Diggman
Use Enhanced Search Tools and Favorites Organizing
* Save Favorites with One Click
* Manage Favorites
* Quick-Search Your Favorites, Browsing History and the Web
* Change How Searches are Done
* Set Up an Online Favorites Account
* Publish Favorites Online
Personalize Flock and My World
* Important: How to Change Most Settings
* Customize Toolbars
* Customize the Favorites Toolbar
* Customize My World Favorite Sites, Friends, Feeds and Media
* Customize the Download Manager
* Set Your Start and Home Pages
* Set Your Default Browser
* Set Tab and Window Options
* Change the Look of Web Pages
* Block or Allow Pop-up Windows
* Block or Allow Images
* Enable or Disable Java or Javascript
* Adjust Automatic Updates
Ensure Privacy and Manage Security
* Change Cookie Settings
* Manage Passwords
* Manage Your Personal Information
* Protect Yourself with Instant Website ID and Anti-Malware Alert
Get or Build Add-ons for Flock
* Get an Add-on
* Remove an Add-on
* Build an Add-on

New Features in 2.5.6
* Based on the Firefox 3 technology, providing a faster, safer, and more stable web surfing experience.
* Incorporated Mozilla's 3.0.16 patch for Firefox.
* Incorporated the latest Adobe Flash Player version. Please, make sure to close any Firefox window, prior to any install or update, in order for the Adobe Flash Player version to be updated.

1- Flash Player 10 Included
2- Enjoy!

Update: Jan 06, 2010
Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Languages: English
Licence: Freeware
Developer: flock.com
Size: 28.61 Mb

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