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Electric Image Animation System EIAS 8.0 Portable

Electric Image Animation System (EIAS) Rendering and Animation Software includes several unique features, several peerless features and plenty of useful treats to complement them. We've overhauled the lighting system to give you access to industry leading tools that, we feel, will not only allow you to create truly stunning images, but they will cut down the time it takes you to create them.
Electric Image Animation System - пакет для создания трехмерной анимации, включающий большой комплекс анимационных средств, спецэффекты, инструментарий для работы со звуком и генератор шрифтов с настраиваемыми параметрами. В данной программе имеется возможность импорта свыше тридцати различных форматов моделей. Пакет также поддерживает работу с иерархическими объектами и средствами инверсной кинематики. Инструменты обладают превосходными возможностями для работы с анимацией персонажей. По заявлению разработчиков рендер EIAS – самый быстрый и простой на Земле, а интерфейс программы наиболее интуитивный из всех 3D пакетов.

Through several innovative features such as Light-Graphs and the newly optimized, and now extraordinarily fast, soft-shadows, we hope to make your life a good chunk easier. This is also the first release of EIAS to include a 'User Pack', a group of features designed, short-listed, and voted for by our users. This has been such a successful project that we plan to repeat it!

In the key-feature overview below, features that are new to EIAS 8 or have been improved with this release, are highlighted in bold.

EIAS is extensively used in Hollywood, and, by professional studios all over the globe to create world-class animations for countless productions. It is ideal for all animation: from complex VFX shots to Architectural Fly-throughs.

Key Features
1. Virtually every attribute can be animated in EIAS.
2. EIAS can import animation from other applications via FBX and BVH formats.
3. EIAS can import motion tracking data from SynthEyes and Boujou and MatchMover.
4. Function Curves provide a precise way to animate objects naturally.
5. Straight-forward character animation.
6. Animatable deforms including: buldge, twist, bend, runwave, taper, bezier and many more.
7. Morph editor.
8. Full set of constraints including: Auto Bank, Aim, Geometry, Pole Vector, Auto Look and more.

EIAS boasts perhaps the fastest rendering engine on the planet: "Camera". Mind-bogglingly, it does this at the same time as producing the very highest quality output it is possible to get. No anti-aliasing artifacts here!

Key Features
1. Monte-Carlo Global Illumination with Image-based lighting.
2. Render to layered PSD files, compatible with both Photoshop and After Effects.
3. Render to RPF files, compatible with After Effects and Combustion.
4. Area Lights and Light Objects.
5. Exceptionally fast Photon Mapping.
6. HDRI and EXR input support throughout the application.
7. Super-fast blurry reflections.
8. Fast and accurate Caustics.
9. Ray-Traced Volume Transparency.
10. Ray-Traced Shadow Transmission (otherwise known as Subsurface Scattering).
11. Light graphs, providing an easy way to light complex scenes.
12. Buffer Shadows, Ray Traced shadows, both soft and razor sharp.
13. Blisteringly fast "Phong" rendering mode for accelerated speed.
14. Intuitive, high-quality motion-blurring abilities.
15. Unlimited nodes for network rendering making EIAS, in our opinion, the cheapest high-end 3D application.
16. Shaders, EIAS comes packed with dozens of procedural shaders for many effects, from scratches and home-made noise patterns to camouflage and wood.

Ease of use
EIAS is very easy to pick up and use. Everything you need is in plane view, nothing is buried in sub-menus of sub-menus. Windows and palates are not cluttered, and, the veritable cornucopia of settings that 3D brings are structured into a tabbed interface making everything available in bite-size form. With EIAS, you don't need to deal with never-ending lists of esoteric options, you also don't have to tackle a ridged all-in-one window, you can move whichever window you want, wherever you want.

Key Features
1. Tabbed interface that breaks advanced controls down into easily understood categories.
2. Floating palates that can be moved where you want, and, they will automatically remember that position on a project by project basis.
3. Contextual menus provide fast context-sensitive access to most dialogues and commands.
4. Project management tools that allow you maintain even the most complex projects in a simple, color co-ordinated hierarchy.
5. Every major tool in EIAS has an obvious icon attached to it in a tool palate to help you get going.
6. For when you need to be fast, keyboard shortcuts abound to give you instant access to dozens of tools.

Некоторые особенности программы:
- Быстрый и качественный рендеринг
- Возможность многократной отмены действий в программе,
- Дополнительные настройки текстурирования,
- Многофункциональное контекстное меню,
- Поддержка экспорта в формат Maya *.ma,
- Трассировка объемной прозрачности,
- Возможность просчета эффекта подповерхностного рассеивания,
- Подповерхностное объемное рассеяние света,
- И многое другое

System requirements
* Windows: Win XP/Vista,
* 1GHz or faster processor,
* 1GB of RAM,
* 32-bit 3D Graphics card with at least 256MB of memory,
* USB Port

Update: 2009
Platforms: Windows: Win XP/Vista
Languages: English
Developer: eitechnologygroup.com
The program is registered
Size: 56.09 Mb

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