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Main » 2010 » Апрель » 2 » Portable FotoTime FotoAlbum v.6.1.5
Portable FotoTime FotoAlbum v.6.1.5

Portable FotoTime FotoAlbum v.6.1.5|Work in Windows XP,Vista,Win 7
It's packaged in VMWare ThinApp v Program is registered|rar|7.4 MB

FotoTime FotoAlbum is a software that organizes digital photos and sorts them.
FotoAlbum has all the tools you need to help you organize your photos and videos. Designed to make the most complex task easy, FotoAlbum will satisfy everyone from beginners to photo professionals.
FotoAlbum FotoTime позволит удобно разместить ваши фотографии на вашем ПК. Сделать домашний фото альбом, при чём не без смыслено расставит фотографии, а сделает всё упорядоченно и предоставит вам возможность прикрепить к каждой свою подпись. В программе есть и другие удобные и не мало важные возможности.
Имеет простой и доступный интерфейс(многоуровневая структура альбомов, языковые модули), возможность применения различных фильтров к фотографиям(в том числе функция убирания красных глаз), добавления комментариев и многое другое.
Создание HTML галерей. Поддержка фоновой музыки (число поддерживааемых форматов можно расширить плагинами от winamp2). Поиск фотографий. Получение изображений с камеры / сканера. Печать фотографий. Поддержка технологии text-to-speech.
Создание Видео Альбома:
- Создание видео роликов из ваших фотографий.
- Добавление всей FotoAlbum графики в ваш фильм.
- Выбор музыки в формате MP3 аудио в ваше видео.
- Экспорт в WMV или AVI файлы.
- Возможности Web приложений FotoTime Video.
FotoAlbum Pro is the perfect tool to manage your digital photo library. Designed for ease of use, FotoAlbum is simple for beginners to learn, but includes features to satisfy even the most advanced digital photographer.
FotoAlbum's Import wizard makes it easy to capture photos from cameras, scanners, memory cards, and other external devices. Create multi-level albums to better organize your library.
Display your photos with the built in full-screen slideshow viewer. Enhance your images using red-eye removal, cropping, auto or manual color correction and filters such as Sepia, Oil-Painting and Engraving.
Batch manipulations allow you to enhance, edit or rotate multiple images at one time. Easily create beautiful prints on your own printer.
You can also order prints and gifts directly from FotoTime through our integrated online store and have them delivered directly to your door. FotoAlbum provides multiple methods to share you image collection.
The built in e-mail client is great for sharing a couple of photos and can even resize them before sending. The FotoSync feature allows you to publish all or a subset of your library online for easy Internet sharing and online backups.
The Device Sync feature can push photos to portable devices such as an iPod and PSP so you can carry your library with you. FotoAlbum's advanced organization features allow you to build a searchable database of captions, keywords, dates, and ratings.
EXIF and IPTC are fully supported and all metadata can be imported into FotoAlbum or exported into your pictures. FotoAlbum's powerful filtering capability makes creating even complex filters simple and the same filters can be used to create smart albums which automatically update.
Use the built-in archiving system to make sure your valuable work is not lost. FotoAlbum includes several features that make it easy to showcase your pictures including FotoShows, FotoCDs, slideshows, and screen savers.
Here are some key features of "FotoTime FotoAlbum Pro":
· Organize photos and videos into albums.
· Import from cameras, scanners and other devices.
· Publish photos and videos to the web.
· Add captions, keywords and dates.
· Create video FotoShows with your photos.
· Complete archiving system to backup photos and videos to CD.
· Create a CD of your photos and videos.
· Edit and correct photos.
· Use the duplicate finder to find and delete duplicate photos.
· Captions, keywords and metadata stay with your photos.
New in FotoAlbum 6.1.3
SQLite3 Database
All album, picture and settings are now saved in SQLite3 databases immediately as changes are made. No longer are changes batched and saved in a proprietary format.
Multi-user ready
FotoAlbum Pro is multi-user capable and can handle concurrent usage by multiple users/computers. A separate pro license is require for each network user.
FotoAlbum integrates with the GoogleMaps API and lets you geotag your photos. GPS coordinates are automatically saved in EXIF.
Multiple Watch Folders
No longer must your pictures or videos be contained within a single location ! You can specify unlimited number of Watch Folders that FotoAlbum will manage as a single photo library.
Improved Quick Filters
You can customize the fields that are searched. Fields that can be used in the quick search include: Caption, comment, keywords (exact or partial match), filename (with path), filename (without path), author, copyright, camera make, camera model.
New skinnable themes provide customizable look to FotoAlbum. With a provided set of skins, you can customize FotoAlbum to match your desired style. In the future, a skin editor will be provided allowing you to create your own skins for FotoAlbum.
Import Batches
Every image added to FotoAlbum is now automatically associated with an import batch and easily located based upon the date of import and/or type of device it was added from.
And MUCH More
To see an entire least of the new features and enhancements in FotoAlbum 6, click here.


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