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Portable FlashSpring iSpring Pro 3.5.1

Portable FlashSpring iSpring Pro 3.5.1|Work in Windows XP,Vista,Win 7
It's packaged in VMWare ThinApp v Program is registered|rar|26MB

FlashSpring is a powerful, fast and easy-to-use application, which allows to convert PowerPoint presentations to Macromedia Flash format.
FlashSpring — программа для преобразования презентаций PowerPoint в формат Flash.

Продукт ориентирован на пользователей Microsoft PowerPoint и позволяет создавать презентации, учебные курсы, баннеры, открытки в формате Flash. Преобразование занимает несколько секунд, а качество полученных Flash-презентаций остается неизменным.
Ключевые особенности программы:
- В FlashSpring Pro реализована поддержка более 180 эффектов анимации и переходов между слайдами.
- Поддержка внедренного аудио, видео и Flash-контента
- Возможность сохранения Flash-презентации и всех внешних мультимедиа-ресурсов в один Flash-файл
- Внедрение настраиваемого плеера для управления показом Flash-презентации
Дополнительные опции:
- Уменьшение размеров презентации в 10 и более раз;
- Управление компрессией мультимедиа-контента;
- Векторное представление текста и автофигур;
- Поддержка эффектов оформления текста;
- Экспорт презентаций в форматах SWF, EXE;
- Возможность сохранения Flash-презентации в ZIP-архиве.
Become a Flash Pro with PowerPoint
iSpring Pro produces quality Flash movies that preserve every aspect of your initial PowerPoint presentation, even the new features of PowerPoint 2010 and trigger animations. iSpring PowerPoint to Flash software converts animations and transition effects, images and videos preserving audio and attributes too. iSpring Pro also enables the addition of Voice Overs with a process that is streamlined and simple. The result is professional presentations that can be created and shared in hours instead of weeks.
Expand your PowerPoint capabilities
iSpring adds a tab to your PowerPoint toolbar that transforms the standard MS Office application into a Flash creation wizard! Easily:
* Deliver presentations in the widely supported Flash format
* Enrich your slideshows with imported or recorded audio narrations
* Select and personalize players while adding presenters' info and logos
Create rich media content
Apply just a few, or all of the professional control features. Easy to get started, yet still able to deliver the most advanced PowerPoint to Flash tools available.
* Record and sync voice narrations
* Create unique branded player for presentation
* Instantly preview your work
* Add external Flash movies and YouTube videos
* Add web links, references and file attachments
* Control output quality and size by setting the compression ratio for multimedia content
* Publish to a single Flash (.SWF) movie with all resources embedded or to a set of single Flash slides
Gain full control over your Flash presentation
Create sophisticated branching scenarios with iSpring Pro. Presentation Explorer even lets you adjust presentation structure and playback in a single window.
* Organize multi-level navigation
* Control hidden slides
* Set Playback mode - manual or automatic
* Manage slide durations
* Set multiple presenters within a slideshow
* Import voice narrations and background audio
Publish your presentation everywhere

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