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Main » 2010 » Июнь » 19 » Acronis Bootable Rescue Media(17.06.2010)Original
Acronis Bootable Rescue Media(17.06.2010)Original

WinXP/Vista/Win7 | Acronis Bootable Rescue Media(17.06.2010)Original| 186.26 MB

Обновился Acronis Rescue Media - оригинальный загрузочный диск от компании Acronis. Acronis Rescue Media - Original Multibootable ISO image.
Acronis.Bootable.Rescue.Media.17.06.2010-Universal boot disk containing a software package for complete backup, allowing you to create exact images of hard disk and / or its individual sections, control sections - creation, transfer, merger, division.

This Acronis Bootable Rescue CD includes the long awaited Windows 7 compatible version of Acronis Disk Director.
Recover a disk/partition, organize your hard disk and volume configuration for optimal performance while keeping your data safe, back up the operating system, applications, settings and all of your data, while also securely destroying any confidential data you no longer need.
Acronis Bootable Rescue CD includes:
* Acronis True Image Home (Safe and Full Version)
- Back up and recover a disk/partition on a computer running any Intel- or AMD- based PC operating system, including Linux®. The only exception is the Intel-based Apple Macintosh, which is currently not supported in native mode.
- Acronis True Image Home is an integrated software suite that ensures security of all information on your PC. It can back up the operating system, applications, settings and all of your data, while also securely destroying any confidential data you no longer need. With this software, you can back up selected files and folders, Windows applications' settings, settings and messages of Microsoft e-mail clients - or even the entire disk drive or selected partitions.
- Should your disk drive become damaged or your system attacked by a virus or malware, you can recover the backed up data quickly and easily, eliminating hours or days of work trying to rebuild your disk drive's data and applications from scratch.
- You can store backups on almost any PC storage device: internal or external hard drives, network drives or a variety of IDE, SCSI, FireWire (IEEE-1394), USB and PC Card (formerly called PCMCIA) removable media drives, as well as CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R, BD-RE, magneto-optical, Iomega Zip and Jaz drives.
* Acronis System Report: the component allows you to generate system report that is used for collecting information about your system in case of any program problem. The generated system report can be saved to a USB flash drive.
* Acronis Disk Director 11 Home
Acronis® Disk Director® 11 is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for managing disks and volumes. With a comprehensive set of operations, you can organize your hard disk and volume configuration for optimal performance, while keeping your data safe.
Key features
New Create both basic and dynamic volumes : The handy Create Volume wizard has been improved to support dynamic volumes creation. Now, in addition to basic volumes, you can easily create dynamic volumes in Acronis Disk Director to:
- Increase the volume size beyond the capacity of a single disk, by using a spanned volume
- Reduce access time to files, by using a striped volume
- Achieve fault tolerance, by using a mirrored volume *
New Add, remove, or break mirrored volumes * : Make your basic or simple volume fault-tolerant in just one action by adding a mirror. If you need extra unallocated space on a disk containing one of the mirrors—remove a mirror. Break a mirrored volume to get two independent simple volumes with initially identical content.
New Copy or move a volume of one type as a volume of another type : Change the type of a volume when copying or moving it. For example, you can copy the contents of a mirrored volume to a spanned volume.
New Convert primary volumes to logical and vice versa : Convert a primary volume to logical to create a fifth volume on a disk that currently has four primary volumes.
New Convert basic disks to dynamic and vice versa : Convert the existing basic disks to dynamic to achieve additional disk reliability for data storage.
New Convert GPT disks to MBR and vice versa : Change the partitioning scheme of your disk the way you need it.
New Import foreign disks : Make dynamic disks added from another machine accessible for the system.
New Changing a disk status: online to offline and vice versa * : Change a disk status to offline in order to protect it from unintentional use.
New Disk cloning : The Disk Cloning wizard lets you replace the old basic MBR disk with a new one without reinstalling operating systems and applications. It transfers all the source disk data to a target disk. The source disk volumes can be cloned to the target disk "as is", or resized automatically with respect to the target disk size.
Disk and volume management operations : Experience the vast array of disk and volume management operations:
- Resize, move, copy, split and merge volumes without data loss or destruction
- Format and label volumes, assign volume letters, and set volumes active
- Delete volumes
- Initialize newly added hard disks
- Explore volume data, even on Linux volumes before performing operations
- Preview changes made in disk and volume layout before applying them
- Browse through the detailed information about all hard disks, volumes and file systems
Acronis Recovery Expert: Helps you to recover accidentally lost or deleted volumes on basic MBR disks.
* For the operating systems that support such functionality.
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