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Main » 2011 » Июнь » 6 » Hornil StylePix Portable ML/Rus/Ukr by Hornil
Hornil StylePix Portable ML/Rus/Ukr by Hornil

Hornil StylePix has all the prerequisites and the opportunity to be raster graphics editor the default vashem computer.
У Hornil StylePix есть не только все предпосылки, но и возможности, быть редактором растровой графики по умолчанию на вaшем компьютере.

What's New in version
- New Features
* Added the Transform panel in Layer tab.
* Reset transform feature is added. It?s available in Menu > Edit > Transform or Layer tab.
- Improvements
* Improved the updating speed of tools option panel.
* Undo is possible after completing the transformation.
* The statusbar displays the coordinates of the center of the object.
- Bug Fixes
* Fixed bugs that the statusbar doesn?t update immediately when the object was selected in hiereachy.
* Fixed bugs that the pivot was not moved.
* Fixed bugs that the coordinates information doesn?t update correctly with zoom and rotate blur filters.
* Fixed bugs that the docking hint doesn?t appeare in a specific environment.
* Fixed slide-bar controller was acting weird in hierarchy.
* Fixed zoom blur didn?t apply to canvas coordinates.
* Fixed bugs occured when to fold the parent folder of the selected item in browser?s tree.
* Fixed bugs that the preset?s UI doesn?t appear in correct position.
* Fixed the caret position problem in Polygon panel.
* Fixed bugs that the scene doesn?t update when undo in filter list.
* Fixed bugs that the scene doesn?t update when the selection is copied or moved with Ctrl or Alt keys.
* Fixed bugs that the positions of selection doesn?t fit when you delete the selected area with layer styles.

System Requirements
* Supported Oerating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/2000/2003 or compatable OS
Hardware Requirements
* 133MHz or faster processor
* 128MB of RAM (512MB recommended)
* 5MB of available hard-disk space
* 800x600 display (1024x768 Recommended)

Update: Jun 06, 2011
Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7/2000/2003 or compatable OS
Multilingual user interface (English, Russian, etc)
Licence: Freeware
Developer: hornil.com
Size: 1.56 MB

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