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Portable AlbumPlayer 5.2

Portable AlbumPlayer 5.2|Work in Windows XP,Vista,Win 7
It's packaged in VMWare ThinApp v Program is registered|rar|23.4 MB

AlbumPlayer lets you organize and play your MP3, WMA OGG Vorbis, WAV and FLAC audio collection into albums, allowing you to browse through a collection of album covers, rather than file names.
Замечательная,многофункциональная программа, включающая в себя ряд функций: проигрыватель альбомов, организация альбомов, редактирование тэгов, создание коллекции и менеджмент альбомов, создание и печать обложек для CD.

AlbumPlayer позволяет воспроизводить альбомы, переключаясь между их обложками. Программа предоставляет простое управление плэй-листами — файлы можно просто перетаскивать в него. Обложки могут быть упорядочены по любым критериям. Новые альбомы могут быть добавлены в коллекцию с помощью поиска по диску или при помощи мастера-помощника. Названия песен и обложки автоматически загружаются из Интернета. В программе имеется эквалайзер и возможность нормализации звука, а также редактор скинов, позволяющий изменить облик программы.
* Drag and Drop интерфейс (перетаскивание файлов мышкой)
* поддержка WMA и MP3 файлов
* сортировка файлов по всевозможным критериям
* считывание и редактирование тэгов
* поиск файлов
* создание плейлистов
* поиск информации в AMG или CDDB базах
* показ обложки альбома при проигрывании файла из альбома
* создание авторан программ для CD
* навигационных панелей и плейлистов для CD
* поддержка скинов (сменных интерфейсов).
AlbumPlayer automatically retrieves the song titles and covers from the internet (All Music Guide or freedb) whenever available. You can create multiple albums and play each one by simply dragging it into the player zone of the interface.
AlbumPlayer will allow users to create collections of CD's,
organize albums and print covers. Organise Albums, Create
Collection CD and Print Covers for it. Playing is done by just
browsing through your covers.

+ Playback

Just drag an album to the left side to add it to the playlist and
play it.
The AlbumPlayer supports WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV,
WavPack, MusePack, OptimFROG and the APE format.
Open the booklet of an album to display its tracks and select
them to play.
Tracks can be added to the playlist by drag&drop (also from your
file explorer).
You can easily save and load the playlists you created.
Albums are shown in collections created by the user or based on
album attributes.
Multiple crossfade modes / equalizer / replay gain and playlist
Database Shuffle mode (Autocue), automatically plays tracks
based on user criteria

+ Organization

The AlbumPlayer offers a Collection Editor to easily organize
your albums.
Albums are added by disc scanning. You can exactly tell the
Collection Editor what kind of structure you use to store albums
on your computer in order to make sure that artist and
albumnames are imported correctly.
Once imported albums can be added to custom collections.
These collections are displayed in the AlbumPlayer main window.
You also can organize single tracks and put them together in
track collections.
Covers, song titles and album infos can be read from your files or
from the internet.
You can specify a range of filenames for the cover lookup of your

+ Custom skins

You can easily change the colors of the main window as well as
all fonts.
You can replace every single button and image that the
AlbumPlayer displays
in order to create your very own skin.
An easy-to-use skin editor lets you change the appearance in no
Each skin is located in a seperate directory, so skins are easy to
share with
other users.

+ Touchscreen support

For those of you, who use a touchscreen to select your favourite
music, the
AlbumPlayer includes a modern and intuitive touchscreen
interface, that comes with large controls to have your music right
at your fingertip.
You can configure single- and double-click-actions right the way
you need them.
Focus lies on easy creating and editing of your playlists.
Works with screen resolution of 800 x 480 or higher.

+ Last.fm support

Last.fm from the team that designed the Audioscrobbler system,
is a music engine based on a massive collection of Music
Profiles. Each profile belongs to one person.
Last.fm uses these music profiles to make personalized
recommendations, match you up with people who like similar
music, and generate custom radio stations.
Your profile page on Last.fm is automatically updated whenever
you listen to music.

+ Customer screensavers

Albumon, in friendly cooperation with CloseToSoftware, offers
screensavers, that show the cover of the currently playing album
in a pseudo-realistic environment or on other backgrounds.
You can even design your own screensaver.

+ Collection cd-roms

With a few clicks the AlbumPlayer creates a directory with
selected albums ready to be burned on CD.
An HTML index is generated listing all the albums on the CD.
An autorun file is generated which launches the HTML file when
the CD is inserted.
Complete your collection CD with your covers generated by the
You can adjust colors, fonts and lot of other settings to give your
cover a
personal look.
In a preview window the results of user adjustments are
immediately shown.

Доступно только для пользователей

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